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C3467X are a mix of fast-paced and slow burning comedy improv, fusing the various international performing backgrounds of their ensemble into their unique style of long form.

Character, relationship, physicality and game are all seamlessly blended into their performance.

The Team

Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game

Leo Face BW

Leo Mendoza


John Team Pic

John Agapiou


Carleen Head BW

Carleen Macdermid


Lady Jules Head BW

Juliet Stephens


Trilly Face BW

Trilochon Chatterjee


Shem Head BW

Shem Pennant


Performance Opportunities

Putting you on stage

C3467X love to perform but they also produce a number of nights where groups new and old as well as individual performers can take to the stage. If you are interested in any of the performance opportunities below apply. Any questions? Get in touch.

Jam Header

The Jam

A free monthly longform improv jam with a focus on scenes and montages. It’s a chance for new improvisers, soloists and those who just want to play to hit the stage and do just that. First Monday of every month at the Nursery Theatre. For your chance to jam just come down and enter the draw on the night. If you have a team and would like a longer slot then please apply.

YYK Header

Yada Yada K

YADA YADA K is the last Tuesday of every month at the Camden Head: Camden (Please note there are two Camden Heads in London). “Our lineups include top billing teams from across the UK trying something new and experienced improvisers doing what they do best. In addition there is longform jam made up of a heady mixture of performers and audience members. Doors at 7.30 with a prompt start at 8. £5 entry. Acts get a percentage of the door.

Improv 5aside Hdr

Improv 5-a-side

Hosted at the Nursery Theatre, this monthly Improv 5-a-side sees 8 teams battle it out to win the Nursery Cup (plus other exciting prizes). Each team will have 6 minutes in the Knockout Stage with which to impress the audience. The 4 winners will progress to the Semi-Finals and, from there, possibly the Finals where two teams battle it out for 7 minutes each before one is crowned champion.

bbd header

Beats by Del

A Harold night hosted monthly at the Nursery Theatre. The Harold is a classic longform structure pioneered by Del Close at iO Chicago and is seen by improv theatres and schools worldwide as the ultimate improv staple. If your team would like to perform a Harold – or any of its wild and wonderful variants – then get in touch.


The Jam

Long-Form Improv Jams

Don’t have a team? Or just want to give improv a go? We host lots of Jams where people without a team can get involved


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Bonus Video: The Brothers Hines

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Bonus Video: Weirdass

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February 24, 2014

Video of the Day: Razowsky & Hamilton

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New to improv?

If you’ve not done any improv at all before and want to try it out, there are a few places we can recommend. Although improv performances are made up on the spot, improv generally works on some loose principles that are well worth understanding before you put yourself in front of an audience. Going to a class/session will help you meet lots of people who have the same desire as you and give you a safe space to find out what its all about. You’ll hopefully have a lot of fun with it too.

Check out classes from these guys



  • Brilliant improvisers who weave witty and hilarious long-form comedy out of thin air

    Elke Wiebalck
    Everything Theatre
  • C3467X have energy popping out of their ears. Watching a show is like having The Wire/Downton Abbey/The Muppets simultaneously and intravenously fed to you. They are a one-of-a-kind gang of improvisers, so unique no words can describe them; better left to a mash of numbers and letters: C3467X.

    Ella Jean
  • Go to this new improv night in Camden! Went the other week. Didn’t think it’d be my ‘thing’ but LOVED it.

  • Genuinely one of the best improv nights in the UK

    Do Not Adjust Your Stage
  • Yada Yada is a wonderfully warm, funny night at the Camden Head. They consistently show London’s best improv comedy which, on an evening, could be anything from an improvised musical or a made-up fairy tale based on your suggestions. If you’re looking for a fun, open interesting, welcoming night out which showcases diverse talent see this – it’s is guaranteed to move you AND make you laugh.

    Rob Grundel
  • Lost my voice a little bit from laughing and cheering so hard.

  • Will be making this a regular highlight in my calendar. Go!

  • Yada Yada K is a night of London’s best improv comedy acts, in a weird shaped room, on a tiny stage. What’s not to love? With the audience getting the chance to join in on stage it ends up more like a rabble of friends than a crowd of strangers. It’s like a warm custard hug.

    Lewis Harrison Barker
    Music Box, Glitch
  • A great new night with a warm, enthusiastic and inclusive atmosphere, big crowd, decent acts and a red curtain. And beer.

    Dave Waller
  • Yada Yada K is a great improv comedy night in London. Why great? Performers go to the limit and beyond. Lovely welcome. Upforit Audience! Bam

    Wanda Keenan
    Dr Synistra
  • I liked it… and not because I had to!

    Alex Mendoza

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